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A big 2012 is looming…

As the darkness of winter sets in, the 2011 Adventure Racing season is drawing to a close with the final Tri-Adventure event on the 20th November and the final Open 5 taking place on the 4th December.  As the year starts to see itself out many of us will be starting to make plans for 2012.

There is one massive race that stands out above all others next year and that is the adidas Terrex Sting which is being hosted by Open Adventure.  The aim is for this race to align with the London Olympic Games and showcase Adventure Racing to the whole of the UK to see.  The course planner is the 2009 AR World Champion Nick Gracie and the course in Stirling promises to be as inspiring as the countryside it is set in.

Team Tri-Adventure have entered the Sting and the majority of their time between now and then will be spent training and preparing for the race.  There are no shortcuts or elements of luck in expedition length Adventure Races and the squad knows and understands how much time and effort they need to commit to be successful in August.

Tri-Adventure continues to grow at a steady and healthy rate since it’s inception in 2010. 2012 promises to be an exciting year with the focus being on growing the existing race numbers for the Trail, Sprint, Experience and Challenge, whilst launching a new mountain bike orienteering event.  We will also be creating a greater sense of community after the race to ensure people have the chance to chat to other competitors, sponsors and Tri-Adventure team members about their AR experiences and aspirations.

Enjoy the off season, we’ll be launching our race dates for 2012 shortly so look out for the next newsletter.

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