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What is Adventure Racing to me?


Gil Cramer , regular Tri-Adventure adventure racer and fitness coach tells us why adventure racing makes him tick!

“If given the opportunity to escape the city and mundane life we lead during the week, a challenge against nature, would to take it?  Adventure racing to me is the opportunity to test myself against wilderness. To remind myself of the luxury’s that I have and meet people that are just as crazy and adventurous as me. AR (adventure racing) is an endurance based sport combining mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, orienteering, rock climbing & other skills.

On the mental side there are traits that will test you like determination, team work, leadership, motivational support.

There are few thinks I like more than being in the outdoor with my mates, battling mother nature and a few other crazy race teams to be the to the home and into a hot shower. .

The feeling you get after a day or two on your feet in some of the most beautiful wildlife areas around the world is indescribable and I strongly recommend getting as much of that feeling as you can

Why AR?

Orienteering: In most multi -sport you rely on arrows to show you the way and 99% of the time the fittest person wins. Not much chance for new comers to the event or people with other skill sets? AR gives everyone an almost equal grading as you get to choose your race route.

Variety: Lending on form orienteering, no two races are ever alike. No route markers apart from the checkpoints and the weather add many interesting situations to the events. It’s about being an all-round athlete, not just the fastest.

Teamwork: There is an option to race solo and to race as a team. Most longer races encourage teams to have at least one lady and one man in them to help encourage the growth of the sport for every one…We like thisJ

Multi-Sport: These events give you the opportunity to trail, mountain bikes and something in kayaks leading to some awesome outcomes. Some race organises like Tri-Adventure allow you to do just the trail run stage to build your confidence in navigation before adding in biking too.

Atmosphere: It probably isn’t the most spectator friendly sport, however adventure races are a different type of athlete. Most time people will wait at the finish to clap the last person home and stand around chatting to everyone to see how they did, what rough others took and most commonly ask how many others fell in the puddle on the bike stage.

Summing it up:

Adventure✔, Challenge✔, spending days and nights in the amazing outdoors with my best mates✔. What else do you need?

Adventure race is like a giant Easter-egg hunt, the checkpoints are the eggs and the prize, getting back in one peace with your whole team… Can’t beat it.”

Come and join our Tri-Adventure at the next events on the 20 January 2013.


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