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Tri-Adventure – yes you do need a sports bra!


The prospect of irreversible breast sag faces over 9 million women in the UK, exercising without an appropriate sports bra according to research at Portsmouth University*.  The study found that breasts move in a three dimensional figure of eight, going up and down, in and out and side to side.  With the average 36C breast weighing between 200-300 grams, this uncontrolled movement puts great strain on the breast’s support structure, which comprises only the outer skin and Cooper’s Ligaments.

The research found that each breast moves independently of the body by an average of nine centimetres during each step taken on a treadmill.  So while your legs run a metric mile, your breasts bounce up to 135 metres!  G cup breasts bounced 14 centimetres per stride or 210 metres per mile and even an A cup moved 4cm with every step!

There are two direct results of this breast movement:

– pain and discomfort which although temporary affects 56%** of women

– stretching of the Coopers’ ligaments which is permanent and can lead to an irreversible droop

So for running, be it on road, or trail, a sports bra is as important for ladies as their running shoes to help avoid injury and run in comfort.   Mountain biking over rougher terrain is also a high impact sport making a sports bra essential for all Tri-Adventure events.

So how do you find a well fitting sports bra and be confident it will reduce the bounce?

1. Don’t buy the first one you find!  There are far more sports bras available from specialist retailers than on the High Street so have a good look to make sure you are getting everything you want!  For example, if you want wires, or side fastenings all these variations are now available in virtually all sizes.

2. Your sports bra should be the correct size for you – there should be no bulges and no gaps and the fabric should sit smoothly across the bust.

3. The bra should give you enough so you to run in comfort.  To test this, run on the spot in your bra before taking the labels off.  It should significantly reduce the bounce – if it doesn’t, there will be a better bra out there for you so keep looking!

4. Your sports bra has a limited life, and should be replaced every 30-40 washes as the elasticity of the fabric is damaged through use and laundry.

For events with cycling and running we recommend the Shock Absorber RUN bra, we sold more of these at the London Marathon Expo than any other bra.  Unfortunately it does only go to an F cup, so if you need a fuller cup try the Lynx Sports Bra or the Panache Sports Bra.

So look after your assets whilst exercising!

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Selaine Saxby Founder

LessBounce stock the widest range of sports bras in the world from 28AA-52K

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