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Trail Running
Mountain Biking

Order Phentermine Cheap, Phentermine Where To Buy Uk

The 1st of 2 in the Summer Series of Adventure Races.


Buy Phentermine Adipex

Event Date: Sunday 12th June 2016

Details: Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Uk, Phentermine Buy Australia, and Phentermine 30Mg Buy Online Australia Adventure Events.  Enter as a Pair or Solo.

Time: Registration opens at 08:30am, event will start 10:00am.

Participant emails:
Will be listed here.

Buy Phentermine 37.5 White With Blue Specks
No Prescription Phentermine Fedex Delivery New Social Event Platform and an event page will be created here.


Location: Cranleigh Bandroom, Nr Cranleigh Leisure Centre, Village Way, Cranleigh Phentermine American Express

Arriving by train: This will require a taxi as the nearest station is Chilworth or Gomshall 7 miles away.

Bike Hire: Bikes can be hired in advanced and delivered by out Bike Partner How To Get A Prescription For Phentermine Online.  The cost of this service is £30 per event and includes a helmet and drinks bottle.  More information about hiring a bike can be found Phentermine Cheap Price.  To hire a bike, please send us an Buy Adipex Phentermine at least 4 days before the event.

Test your navigation and strategy with this off-road adventure. Using a 1:25,000 OS map which we provide, navigate trails and hills on foot and bike to collect as many check points as you can in the set time.  New to Adventure Racing? Watch this short informative Buy Cheap Phentermine Pills.


New Pricing introduced
Challenge 5 hour is just an hour longer Experience
 Event £40, £45 OTD 
– 5 hours, navigate to as many checkpoints as possible within the time.  Starting on foot, there will be one transition to Mountain Bikes. Enter on or before 29th May you pay £35.

Phentermine Buy Australia Event – £25, £30 OTD – 2 hours, navigate to as many checkpoints as possible within the time.  Starting on foot, there will be one transition to Mountain Bikes.  Enter on or before 29th May you pay £21.

Phentermine 30Mg Buy Online Australia Adventure Event – £20, £25 OTD – Trail Run only, using navigation to visit as many checkpoints as possible in 2 hours with a choice of 15 checkpoint on the map.   Enter on or before 29th May you pay £15.

We look forward to seeing you there. We would also like to hear what you like about Tri-Adventure events and any suggestions you may have for future events.

Phentermine Hcl 8Mg

The event

After the event, download your dibber at the registration desk, collect your statistics and check the instant results service while enjoying a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit.

There will be the Tri-Adventure shop on the day selling merchandise and a few other essential items.  Cash only.

Buy Generic Phentermine Online

A list of our other events Phentermine Online Doctors

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