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Tri-Adventure Event Briefing Notes

20 minutes before the mass start at 10am there will be a briefing in the hall. If you choose the option to start earlier, the points to know are listed below.

  • A welcome to the venue…
  • Any last minute pointers about the CPs will be shared. This info will be passed on to the Transition Crew.
  • We have Trail Race, Sprint and MTBO events 2 hours each, Experience 4 hours and Mini Trail 1h.
  • Experience 4 hour limit, can start from 08:30am up until the mass start at 10am. A choice of Run or Bike first. Minimum of one checkpoint must be visited on each discipline. Those starting at 10am must run first.
  • Sprint 2 hour limit, mass start on foot at 10:00am. Minimum of one checkpoint must be visited on each discipline.
  • Trail 2 hour limit, mass start on foot at 10:00am. Minimum of one checkpoint must be visited.
  • Mini Trail (New Dec 18) 1 hour limit, can start from 09:15am up until the mass start at 10am.
  • MTBO 2 hour limit, started at 30s intervals after the mass start. Minimum of one checkpoint must be visited.
  • All Checkpoints are worth 10 points.
  • Penalties – 1 point per 30s late.
  • Those starting early will need to dib the Start Box to Start your time.
  • You must dib in and out of Transition and when you finish. The transition is included in your time.
  • Stay on public rights of way, close gates, and no littering.
  • No bikes allowed on footpaths, not even pushed.
  • Maps issued are waterproof.
  • Lost Dibbers will be charged £40.
  • Carry a mobile phone – Emergency contact number is on the map.

  • Broken or missing Checkpoint boxes – Each box has a 3 letter word to confirm your visit, could also take a photo on your phone.
  • Be careful at any junctions, busy roads, railway crossings. Cycle on the left when on the roads.
  • How to dib – At a checkpoint there will be a red electronic box to dib into, marked up with red and white tape
  • Don’t Punch MTB Controls on the Trail or Trail Controls on MTB – This will not work!
  • Bike number must be on your seat post.
  • Only one transition allowed, min 1cp on each discipline.
  • Water available at Transition
  • Checkpoints on each discipline can be visited in any order.
  • Return to transition any time and having visited a minimum of one Checkpoint.
  • When finished, rack your bike in Transition and go to HQ to download and return your dibber.
  • Be nice to the members of the public. Be aware of horse riders and DO NOT race past.
  • Finish is in same place as the start. Locate the finish before you start.
  • Prizes are given to the first place in each category and Event once all have returned.
  • Cakes and Soup (seasonal), Tea and Coffee available inside afterwards
  • No Muddy Shoes inside the building afterwards
  • Tap depending, there may be a Powerhose to clean your bike.
  • Provisional Results will go up on line straight after the event, latest by the evening
  • Photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter please #triadventure.
  • If there is a Series, prizes will be given out at the last one.