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Saturday Morning Challenge followed by Yoga

Back by popular demand!

Saturday 28th November is Christmas Themed!
Go and find Christmas decorations to photograph on your run.






Hi Tri-Adventures,

Here we are again, locked down for the next month and all the fun in our lives either closed or cancelled!

Well, I am back with Jenni from Yogifit to offer Saturday morning motivators to the community to get your weekends off to the best possible start.

Jenni will again lead 45-minute online yoga stretch from her Zoom Studio (7347002345) on Saturday at 9am.  Each week we will set a challenge to complete before you log in to take part. We are encouraging you to get up and out for your morning exercise local to where you’re based. Each week there will be a theme for inspiration. Films and pictures from your morning can then be shared on the Facebook event page set up for each Saturday.

I know these lock-down times can be difficult for some and that is why during lock-down V2.0 we are asking for contributions to the Tri-Adventure Paypal account on a pay what you feel basis for each session. This will be for the morning motivation challenge and a 45-minute online yoga session.

We hope to see many of you online rearing to go with some yoga, having completed your exercise. After the 45-minute session, Jenni and I will hang around for a bit of a chat to hear about your morning adventures.

QRcode below takes you to Paypal link to contribute

You will need to be let into the Zoom studio by Jenni when you tune in just before 9am. Please make sure your Zoom name is identifiable and not just ipad for example. It works best if you sign in through the Zoom app. We do ask that if you are going to take part in the Zoom Yoga session, you will need to have your cameras on for the duration, otherwise, you will be logged out of the room. After an initial chitter chatter, you will all be muted by Jenni at 9am. After the session has finished you will need to unmute yourselves to chat.

The QR code below directs you straight to Jenni’s Yogifit Zoom Studio.

We look forward to seeing you on the Mat.

Date                        Facebook Events    The Challenge
Saturday 7th Nov    Facebook                  Visit a local point of interest on your Run/Cycle.
Saturday 14th Nov  Facebook                  On your run, capture some photos of reflections
Saturday 21st Nov  Facebook                  Statues and Monuments
Saturday 28th Nov  Facebook                  Capture Christmas Scenes