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Trail Running
Mountain Biking

Purchase Phentermine And Topiramate, Cheap Phentermine Pills 37.5

Navigation Courses

We offer a variety of training courses to suit your needs. The most popular one is a day of Navigation Training with Adam.  The course looks at the skills you can use to navigate yourselves. There are scheduled courses listed below, if these don’t suit, then Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Uk Adam to fix a suitable date.

In October 2017 – Adam and Dave Navigated to an Phentermine Buy Australia Category.

In the future, we will be offering a full day course that looks at Adventure Racing, to Micro Navigation, to learning how to run more efficiently. If you would like some more details, or to arrange group training, please Phentermine 30Mg Buy Online Australia for more details.


Upcoming Courses:

Course Title: Introduction to Navigation on foot for Adventure Racing + Entry in the 2 hour Trail Event.

Purchase Phentermine And Topiramate, Cheap Phentermine Pills 37.5

Sat 4th January 2020 – In the Surrey Hills from Mickleham
Sat 2nd February 2020 – In the Surrey Hills from Cranleigh area

Alternatively please Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Uk to arrange a preferred date and I can see if I can accommodate.

Course Cost:  £100.00 per person for an 8 hour day (includes entry into Trail event).

Overview of course:

A one day introduction to Adventure Racing Navigation, facilitated by experienced Adventure Racing staff, covering both the theory and practical aspects of Adventure Racing Navigation.  The course is timed to allow you to make a weekend of it to put your new found skills into practice in a Tri-Adventure event the following day.  Your course facilitators will be on hand to offer support before the race and you’ll get to compete against a range of competitors in the main event the following day, giving you valuable race experience in a friendly environment.

Upgrade your complimentary Trail Entry – to the Sprint £10 or Experience £20.

The Day

*Following day, Tri-Adventure Event

What to bring:

What Tri-Adventure will provide:

If you’re interested in a place on one of the courses No Prescription Phentermine Fedex Delivery now.

If you want to buy this as a gift, please No Prescription Phentermine Fedex Delivery for a gift voucher.

If you would like some more information, please No Prescription Phentermine Fedex Delivery.

We look forward to sharing our Tri-Adventure with you.


I would strongly recommend this course, regardless of map reading ability/level you are at.
Adam certainly knows his stuff. I learnt a lot and picked up some very useful tips which I used for the trail race the next day.  
Perfect weekend in Surrey Hills – one day of learning & next day putting it all to practice.

Lee Mills – January 2020

I have taught myself some navigation, mainly through reading books and
then trying to apply the techniques.
It is a good start but it has many limitations.
The course with Adam really helped me expand my knowledge and skills
and some personal highlights include:
– Actually applying the techniques with strategy, learning to use them
more effectively
– Getting better at gathering information from my surroundings
– Putting theory into practice and seeing it work!
The course is not just for those interested in adventure racing and
the navigation skills apply to many other outdoor activities.
Lee Ciancamerla – March 2019

The practical nature of course was exactly what I was after. Through Adam’s expert guidance, I came away feeling much more competent in my navigation abilities and I now have the confidence to enter events that require navigation. I recently put my new skills to the test and was really pleased with how it went and how much of the course content I was able to use. Would definitely recommend.

Tim Copley – November 2018

I’ve participated in a number of Tri-Adventure events over the last few years.  On one occasion I even got up near the top of the scoreboard, though the event in question was pretty much in my back garden.    Having yet again spent 20 minutes hunting for a checkpoint during the Mickleham event in January, I decided it was about time I got some proper navigation instruction.  I joined Adam’s full-day navigation course in Cranleigh, on the day before the event in February.  An hour or two in the café going through the theory, followed by a few hours out on the trails putting our newly-acquired skills into practice.  A very informative and thoroughly enjoyable day, if a little chilly!  Adam is an engaging and patient instructor, and his passion for tri-adventuring is contagious.  And the result?  My first Tri-Adventure event win the following day…

Adam Crocker – February 2018

I’d been interested in learning to navigate for a while, and the Navigation intro course with Adam was the perfect introduction. Starting the day with some theory and getting to grips with the fundamentals, we were then off into the Surrey hills to put it all into practice, and Adams clear descriptions, patience, and interest in navigation/the outdoors made for a very interesting day. Looking forward to putting my knowledge to the test at my first race soon, would definitely recommend to anyone with an interest in navigating.

Stuart Thomson – Nov 17

My wife organised for me to go on the Tri-Adventure Academy Navigation Training day as I wanted to learn about how I take my day-to-day running and learn the navigational skills needed for Adventure Racing. Adam was a great teacher, being able to tailor the day to concentrate on the skills I struggled with and taught me how to approach a race. He also taught me the core navigational skills everyone should have been taught at school. If you love the outdoors and want to know how to properly read a map you should take the course, even if you don’t want to race, anyone who likes to walk should do the course to improve their map skills.’

Tom O’Halleran

‘I would strongly recommend the navigation course! As a newcomer, I loved participating in adventure races but were so bad at them and had no idea how to improve. The navigation course showed us the basic principles that we can hopefully put into practice to get some more of those check points!!! (and Adam was very patient!!)’

Jodie Bance

‘My wife and I recently had the great pleasure of attending a Tri-Adventure Navigation course deep in the Surrey Hills. Being navigation novices we started the day full of trepidation, however Adam soon made us feel comfortable with his easy to understand explanations, great manner and obvious passion for the subject. 

Following a couple of hours of theory we were then taken into the outside world where Adam took us through a number of exercises and challenges designed to both practice and reinforce our new found knowledge. To our utter amazement we soon, thanks to some excellent teaching on Adams part found ourselves navigating our way through the stunning landscape map and compass in hand.

We finished the day tired but thoroughly enthused with our new navigation skills and wanting to rush back outside to put them into practice. We would recommend this course to everyone and look forward to returning for our first adventure race’

David Johnson


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