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Trail Running
Mountain Biking

Phentermine Online Gs Labs, Buy Genuine Adipex Online

Phentermine Online Gs Labs, Buy Genuine Adipex Online

I have read the rules and understand the nature of this event. I agree that I enter an event at my own risk and take full responsibility for my safety and actions during the event. I, therefore, do not hold Tri-Adventure or any of its agents responsible for any damage, loss or injury sustained to me or my property during the event.

Each event will have a safety briefing 20 minutes before the start of the event or through a video link.  This will cover any information competitors need to be made aware of before taking part as well as any safety points they must adhere to.

By signing up to a Tri-Adventure event you declare that you are suitably fit to participate and that you will declare any existing injuries and or medical conditions to the event organiser.

Persons under the age of sixteen (16) years require a signed waiver form by a parent or guardian before they can take part.

One entry is one participant. It is forbidden for more than one person to race on a single entry. Each participant must have an entry.

Adventure events involve activities with a level of risk.  While every effort is made to reduce this risk, entering an event you accept the risks and are responsible for your own actions and or involvement.

Tri-Adventure, as an event organiser, is no way responsible for any loss, damage or theft of any possessions left at the event venue HQ, on any part of the course, or in a car.

Refunds and Transfers:

From the moment we start organising an event, we start to incur costs. However, we recognise that circumstances do arise which prevent people from taking part in a event they have already registered for.  So, this is how we work;

A credit to another event will be issued as follows:

• Notification dated 4 weeks or more ahead of the event – 50% credit
• Notification dated less than 4 weeks (29 days) before event – no credit

Due to the nature of sports events, we are unable to make exceptions for injuries or pregnancy.

There are times when organisers are making the difficult decision to postpone or cancel an event. If the organiser, Tri-Adventure, chooses to cancel an event for whatever reason, then competitors will be contacted to arrange a transfer to another event or a refund in the range of 75-100% will be offered.

Should an event be canceled due to government guidelines around the virus COVID-19 and the delivery of events, then a 100% Refund of your entry fee will be offered.

Event entries are NOT transferable to any other person without prior notification to Tri-Adventure

Emails to Buy Phentermine Adipex with your full name and the event in question.


All competitors will be issued with a timing chip.  The competitor assumes responsibility for the chip until it is returned – any loss or damage will result in the cost of £40 being charged to the competitor.

Photography and Filming:

During our events, there will be photographers and, on occasions, filming, including aerial filming, may take place. By entering our events, you are giving consent that images of yourself may be used to promote Tri-Adventure and/or its sponsors.


Due to the number of categories we have at our Adventure Events there may be a time when there are less than three competitors or teams competing against one another.  As a result, from September 2017 onwards, we’ll still award the discount to each category winner, provided there are at least 3 entrants in that category. The Discount Vouchers can be used against any standard entry price or Entry on the Day price. They are not valid for the Early Bird price or the Night & Day price.


Our prices are not subject to VAT.