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Trail Running
Mountain Biking

Buy Phentermine Ebay, Buy Phentermine China

A 1 hour time limit to navigate to as many of the 10 punch checkpoints as possible – £14 online (£18 on the day). Enter more than 2 weeks before and pay  £10.

The Tri-Adventure Mini Trail run is a taster for anyone new to our events, and it is a great way to experience off-road navigation events. It is an ideal opportunity for families with young children (8-16) to compete together since the punch check points are a shorter distance apart, compared to our other events. Navigate on your own or in groups for 1 hour, collecting as many as possible of the 10 check points available.


You will receive a waterproof map, a race number, and a dibber. The dibber will start and stop your hour. At each checkpoint marked on the map, there will be a clip which can be used to punch your map.


Minimum age to enter alone is 16.

Date: Next event – TBC after Corona Virus settles

Time: Registration opens at 08:00am.

A sample of a Mini Trail Map can be found here: Mini Trail Map Sample – Link to come…

Young Adventurers – We like to encourage young Tri-Adventurers to take part in our events.  We allow 8-16 year old to take part with an accompanying, responsible, fee paying adult.  A waiver form will need to be signed by the adult at registration.  For The Mini Trail event, each runner pays the £10 online entry fee or £15 on the day.

Enter an event online Buy Phentermine Adipex

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