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Trail Running
Mountain Biking

Buy Phentermine Adipex

10km, 5km and Fun Run

Date in 2021 to be determined…

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Uk

Tri-Adventure are putting this event on behalf of Wingate to raise funds for Young Epilepsy


There are distances to suit all ages and abilities with a chip timed 5km or 10km trail run round Young Epilepy’s beautiful campus or a closed road 0.5km loop ‘fun run’, walk or push for those who prefer shorter distances. This event is all about fun and inclusion and all we ask for is a donation.

The 5km and 10km Trail route on offer is a true autumn trail / cross-country type run including road, muddy fields and tracks and at this time of year, you can expect muddy conditions, so trail and not road shoes are advised.

The 500m Fun Run or Push is around a tarmacked, closed road loop, so is wheelchair and children friendly. We have asked for a suggested donation of £5 for this fun event but will accept any donation to take part. Maybe you would like to join your child on their loop. Those who find they have plenty of energy on the day could continue to complete a second loop. Everyone is a winner in the Fun Run or Push, earning a medal once they cross the line.

100% of all entry donations (and any additional fundraised income) goes directly to Young Epilepsy supporting young people in the UK diagnosed with epilepsy.

Location: Young Epilepsy, St Piers Lane, Lingfield RH7 6PW.

Phentermine Buy Australia

Features of the event:

– All entry donations go to Young Epilepsy
– Closed road for the run, walk or push so all ages and abilities can enjoy the lovely surroundings safely and uninterrupted.
– All participants will receive a bespoke StarRun medal
– Chip timing
– Fully marked & marshalled routes
– Race photos will be available to purchase plus a ‘selfie’ event backdrop
– Mass warm by the ‘Hard Fitness’ team

Baggage Please allow time before the start to drop a small bag at our managed baggage hall at the event HQ. This will enable you to keep your bag safe while you run and have it a short distance away from you when you finish.

Free onsite parking Please follow the directions of the Marshals on site who will direct you to the parking. Allow plenty of time to arrive, park and collect your run packs to ensure a nice relaxed start to your run.

Race Packs Participants will collect their race numbers and timing chip at registration on the day. These will be identified through alphabetical lists to identify your running number. The chip will be connected to your shoe and will give you a finish time as you cross the line. The results will be live on the results page as you cross the finish.

Phentermine 30Mg Buy Online Australia

Facebook: Buy Phentermine 37.5 White With Blue Specks.

Participant emails: links will appear here

Arriving by train: The closest train station is Lingfield station which is a 1.4 mile walk away.  The walking route to the event HQ is No Prescription Phentermine Fedex Delivery.

*THIS IS  CUPLESS EVENT* Please bring your own reusable bottle or cup for us to refill

What’s different about our event?  We are covering the costs of running this event so there is no ‘entry fee’. Instead, we are asking participants to make a voluntary ‘Entry Donation’ – 100% of which will go directly to Young Epilepsy. The suggested minimum voluntary entry donation per entrant are:

    10km: £20 (£15 for students or OAP’s) 

    5km: £15 (£10 for students or OAP’s) 

    Fun Run Walk or Push: any donation is welcome

On The Day Entries: In line with other similar events we suggest an additional £5 donation for entries on the day 

On the Entry Page select the number of entries you want then select ‘proceed’ to move to the following page where you input your details and your ‘Entry donation’. We recommend using JustGiving if you want to raise additional sponsorship.

What is Young Epilepsy and what difference could my donation make? Young Epilepsy (Phentermine American Express) provide world-class specialist services at our St Piers School and College in Lingfield Surrey, attended by children and young people from across the UK. Nationally, we campaign and influence policy; run outreach services offering emotional and social support, particularly around transition times; and deliver pioneering clinical and social research, resulting in life-changing improvements for young people living with epilepsy.

Phentermine Buy Australia

£10 could fund our helpline for an hour, giving families and young people vital support when they need it the most.

£50 could make a life-changing difference for future generations of young people with epilepsy, by helping us to continue our essential medical research.

£100 could give a young person struggling to cope with their diagnosis ongoing 1-2-1 support from one of our specialist caseworkers. 

Young Epilepsy is the operating name of The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE). Registered Charity number 311877 (England and Wales).

Who are Wingate and why are we organising and paying for this event? Wingate Group provides financial advice to individuals (Phentermine Cheap Price) and businesses (Buy Adipex Phentermine) and are long-standing supporters of Young Epilepsy. We want to create a fun and inclusive annual event which raises funds for their great work and raises their profile locally. We will deliver an excellent event for you so please donate generously.