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5 reasons we love maps


1. Maps showcase what’s around you

If you follow the Google maps on your phone or set the sat-nav to your desired destination, chances are you’re going to miss an awful lot. That beautiful lake just half a mile away from where you stopped for lunch, or the view point atop a nearby hill… Maps provide a clear, aerial view that’s much wider, so when you’re in planning phase, you can spot hidden gems and make the time to explore if you want to. It’s as much about the journey as the destination, and maps play a big part in that.

2. Charging batteries and getting a signal are of no concern

Very little is needed in the way of explanation here. Having a traditional paper map saves all sorts of potential bother if your batteries die or a signal fails you at a crucial moment. You certainly don’t want to fall victim to technology failure without a back up – having a map with you, even as a back up, solves the problem.

3. It’s an essential safety skill ticked off

You never know when map reading might come in handy and that’s why it’s important to keep a map in your backpack, in your hand, or fixed to a map board on your MTB. Being able t read and navigate from a map is an essential safety skill, which is why we offer Navigation courses every month (link to page on site) – avoid having all the gear and no idea.

Image-44. Maps provide awareness and appreciation of your surroundings

Maps are designed to be used in conjunction with the real, physical world. Whether it’s reading a sign, spotting a big hill or distinguishing a path from a bridleway, they’re designed to keep your senses engaged and active so you are aware of everything around you. It’s these moments that often make the journey – the ability to look around and enjoy the beauty of the moment you’re in, and maps not only allow, but encourage, that.

5. Maps can’t be blamed

We’ve all been there – the sat nav or Google maps takes us along a route that we know deep down is wrong… but we follow it anyway. We trust technology over our own instincts. It’s a guilt-free way of messing up – just blame the gear. This approach is, sadly, fairly normal but that doesn’t make it any less idiotic. Maps are our partner in crime, they are equals to our intellect and common sense, not replacements, and they are not wrong.


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